6 Cartoon Characters I Have Embarrassing Crushes On

I’ve been watching a lot of Daria recently, after I found it on Netflix. And well I couldn’t help but notice that Trent is kind of hot.. Which got me thinking about other cartoon characters I’ve had completely embarrassing crushes on over the years! So here are my top six, because I thought of five and then remember one more!:

Trent Lane (Daria)

trent lane daria

Try watching Daria without ending up with a crush on Trent! He’s the cool older brother of Jane, even more cynical and apathetic than his sister or Daria. Yet he is still quite sweet and sensitive under his layers of apparent obliviousness. Plus he’s in a band. He’s just hot ok! I fully support Daria’s crush on him! (I’m still on Season 3.. totally “shipping” them! No spoilers please!)

Philip J. Fry (Futurama)

philip j fry futurama

Love-able idiot Fry. I guess it’s that, despite his stupidity, he is just a sweet little puppy dog! He’s a loyal friend, and his love for Leela stays true in the face of multiple rejections (even she can’t resist him really). He is sensitive and can be very romantic, and clearly he can dance. Bless him!

Gambit (X-Men)

gambit x-men

This one stems back to childhood cartoon viewing! Gambit is just sexy, do I need to explain more? He’s funny, he has that accent and a little bit of a bad boy while still being the hero on occasion! I loved the whole on-/off Rogue relationship too.

Brock (Pokemon)

brock pokemon

Another crush from the 90s! Ladies man (or so he thought) Brock had some many (amazingly) bad and cringe-worthy pick up lines. He’d fall in love with every pretty girl that he met. Still, he was a good friend and always looked after Ash and the others like a big brother. Plus he can cook, that’s always a good thing.

Aladdin (Aladdin)


This is a definite childhood crush, I used to watch the Aladdin VHS so much! Come on, he’s cute right? How can you resist those big brown Disney eyes? Plus he has an awesome pet monkey pal! He’s a risk taker, he has street smarts and he’s cheeky.. And he’s not afraid to after what he wants, no matter how unattainable it seems.

Howl (Howl’s Moving Castle)


Troubled wizard Howl, voiced by Christain Bale in the English version.. which goes a long way towards his appeal, is in beginning a quite dark and mysterious character. As we get to know him his vanity (as he alters his appearance) and insecurity is quite endearing. He’s man that sticks up for what he believes in as a pacifist, refusing to fight in a war he thinks is wrong. In the end he is softened by Sophie’s presence.. and it’s really quite romantic! It’s difficult to chose one image of him, since he changes his appearance so often in the film!

Now, I can’t be the only weirdo with a crush on an animated character.. ‘fess up!

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