The Returned/Les Revenants (Episode 5, Serge et Toni)

Les Revenants episode 5 goat

Just over half way now the tension and sense of foreboding is really building up. The draining lake revealed more of a church spire, and we learnt that there is indeed an old town underneath the water that was flooded when the old damn broke. The divers also discovered dead animals floating suspended in the gloomy water.. the post-mortem revealing that they where alive when they hit the water. Something must have terrified them enough that they decided drowning was the preferable fate. What could be that bad? Is it the revenants, or something worse?

Meanwhile the the revenants found themselves further away than ever from the still living, and feeling rejected by those they love. They did at least begin to meet and talk to each other, providing us with a few answers. Camille and Simon bonded over their lost loves and formed something of an alliance. Madame Costa absconded from the Helping Hand with Victor, to grab some food in the same diner where she watched Simon attack the waiter. She seemed more aware of their state than the others. She also dishes out some scary advise.. she asks Victor is their is anybody he wants to hurt (prompting his attack on Pierre) and she tells a worried Julie that there is only one way to find out if she is dead or not (almost leading to a leap out of the window)! She died a little after Victor, and I wonder is she knew anything about his death.. I’m not sure why she felt the need to tell him that his parents were good people. Is their more to their story too? The home invasion that killed them as odd.. it didn’t seem like burglary. I can’t remember if it was said when the dam flooded the original town.. would Victor and Madame Costa have been alive/died around then?

Victor decided to get some revenge on Pierre, turning up at The Helping Hand to spook him. Pierre claimed that he didn’t kill him, he was trying to protect him but he couldn’t stop his unhinged partner. Victor had none of it: “You didn’t try very hard.” The power cut out and the second gunman appeared to shoot Victor again, this time Pierre did try to stop him. When the lights came on, and Julie and Laure burst him.. Piere was huddled terrified, and alone, on the floor. Let’s add hallucinations to Victor’s list of powers! At least for now he was back in the arms of his surrogate mother, Julie. Julie it turns out has been worrying that she is in fact already dead, but just doesn’t know it. She didn’t try out her little window test, but I don’t think she is dead. We saw Toni drop her at the hospital, and everybody seems to know about her attack and survival. Unless she had a quick turn around, like Lucy seems to be experiencing. I have a feeling that she might have some other purpose.

Camille used Lena’s absence to continue her pursuit of Frederic. Presumable her ability to hold her vodka is down to her revenant state. That coupled with the photographs she’d obviously gotten Simon to pose for seemed to work at peaking Frederic’s interest. After the snog in the bar was interrupted by a horrfied Jerome I was a little confused about what happened. It seemed clear to me that when he heard Camille refer to Jerome as “Dad” he started to realise that Lena may have been telling the truth. I’m not sure if it was preplanned that Frederic came to her bedroom, because she seemed ready for him.. or it did it of his own accord. I’m very dubious about old Frederic.. I don’t understand his motives. It took him a bit more snogging and heavy breathing before he challenged on if she was Camille.. and then fled terrified. Her talk about them being in love also confused me.. we haven’t gotten much real background on the dynamics between the twins and Frederic. Did they have a relationship? The flashback we saw implied that he always preferred Lena, but was he seeing them both? He knows her secret now though.. What will he do with it?

Lena meanwhile is being cared for by Serge, doing his best to suppress him murderous instincts. She didn’t seem that freaked out at waking up in some strange guys shack.. and sort of went along with it as he rubbed nettle pulp into her disgusting back wound. She did meet him briefly in the pub a couple of episodes ago.. but he’s still basically a stranger! She probably wouldn’t have been so calm if she had seen how turned on he was getting by her back though.. It’s also worth noting that this time she didn’t get any reaction to her twin and Frederic getting close. We got confirmation that Toni killed Serge those seven years ago. Wanting to stop his brother from killing, he interrupted the attack on Julie (did we really need to see him chewing on her stomach so graphically!) by taking a crowbar to Serge’s head. He dropped Julie off at the hospital, before burying his brother.. apparently alive! It’s still not clear how their mother died.. I don’t think Toni killed her, but she certainly knew he killed Serge (and I guess about the murders) and heard him being buried. My guess is that she’d have died out of grief. Toni did seem terrified at the prospect of his mother also returning, when Serge passed of the noises of Lena as their mother Toni ran out the house and couldn’t get away fast enough. He also chose a pretty poor moment later on to tell his brother that he killed him.. when Serge was carrying a shotgun (after taking out his killer frustration on a deer).. Lucky for Toni that he seems to be trying to be a better person. I wonder why Serge’s return has lead him to suppress his violent and murderous desires, when with Simon and Camille it seems to have increased their violent rage and appetites for food and sex.

Adele is struggling to come to terms with the fact that Simon killed himself. It does appear that Thomas was telling the truth, according to the priest. Adele also made a comment to Simon that she thought he had stopped thinking about suicide, so he presumably had some sort of psychological problems when he was alive. In their flashbacks they only ever seemed blissfully happy.. so either there is more to this story (Thomas could have been some crazy stalker who offed Simon to get to Adele?), or memory can make things seem far rosier than they actually were. I still don’t understand how Chloe knew.. did she over hear? Did they tell her? That’s a tough conversation for a 10 year old isn’t it? There is something very odd about her.. she seems very grown up and grasps situations better than the adults do. She seems quite cold and detached, especially in the way she dealt with Simon: “You chose to die rather than stay with us.” In fact, there was a something a little strange about all of the children, when Adele was teaching them about the lake.. they correctly guessed that there were goats in there. Just a coincidence? After Adele refused his offer to all run away together, and Chloe talked him out of the house.. Simon was shot by Thomas. I doubt this will have much lasting impact.. Madame Costa said that nobody can hurt them now, she surved being tied up and burnt and Victor was find after his little trip out the window. A little gunshot wound is nothing compared to that! He now has nothing left to “live” for though.. it will be interesting to see what he will get up to next episode now he has lost his only purpose.

Lucy Clarsen made a reappearance. Her wounds have mysteriously healed, and the end she woke from the coma. Now, does this mean she has actually died at some point and now returned as a revenant, or was she dead all along and that is why she has healed now? How will her clairvoyant powers manifest themselves? And who on earth was the slightly creepy blonde guy hanging out at her bed talking about how beautiful she is? I don’t remember him from before though he seems familiar somehow. And, how will she react if/when she meets her murderer, Serge (will she recognise him?)? The next episode is titled “Lucy” so I hope we get some juicy stuff on her!

I’ve been thinking this week about what characters I actually like and can root for.. and it’s a difficult one! None of the revenants area likeable. I really can’t stand Camille out of the lot of them; she’s so selfish, manipulative and mean. Her twin Lena is more sympathetic but still makes questionable decisions (especially regarding Frederic). Julie remains sympathetic, and Adele although she does annoying me, and I am now hoping that Victor will at least get answers if not revenge for his murder. I also feel like there is something about Jerome. We don’t know much about their family background, other than he’s “made mistakes” and there was the incident with Lena.. what we hear is not good. However, I don’t think he is a bad character.. he seems to be at the centre of the action but hadn’t been developed much yet. Maybe Lucy’s episode will shed more light on him. I just have a feeling he might be a good one.. in contrast to Pierre who comes across like the whiter than white good guy.. but is definitely hiding something dark.

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