Made in Chelsea: The Game!

2013-10-04 15.28.40

To celebrate the sixth series of Made in Chelsea that will soon be gracing our TV screens (14th October!), Channel 4 have released this little fun iOS game app. It is basically all of my wildest dreams come true! I get to live as a Chelsea cast member, dressing up, gossiping, stirring up trouble.. dating other cast members! The aim of the game, as a new (or rather returning) Chelsea resident, is to gad about town and gather up followers, i.e. popularity. You can do this through little missions, dating the main Social Circle, kissing passers by on the cheeks, and listening to gossip. The currency is diamonds which you get through levelling up, completing missions and changing outfits, you also get five free ones to find in each of the three areas each day. Diamonds are spent on clothing, hair cuts and power-ups. Connecting your twitter and tweeting gossip will also power up your follower count (so apologies twitter followers for today!).

Here I am, Chelsa-fied. Shame there is no dark-haired with fringe hair style!

The game features the real voices of the cast members, unsurprisingly the voice acting abilities vary greatly! Binky is your flatmate (at least she was for me, I wonder if it’s different if you are a male character?). She introduces you about town, and shows you what to do. All of the others also appear in cute little animated forms. The likenesses are actually pretty decent!

Andy, Proudlock, Spencer and Jamie

The game of course is heavy on that knowing, slightly ironic Made in Chelsea humour that we see in their excellent TV trailers. (You can check out the latest one now. Warning: It features bad singing, and Proudlock’s most hideous outfit to date). The gossip, drama and bitching is rife! As the new lady about down all the lads have their eyes on me, and Lucy warns me off Spencer! Naturally, Andy and Louise are having relationship drama.. and she is crying!

Dating the main cast members increases your followers, if you date the boys its romantic.. if you date the girls its friendship. At last I am able to live out my fantasies, and pull my dream date – Francis Boulle!

Francis and Binky : Oh, Francis… Take me now!

It’s not going to win any awards, but as a free reality TV spin-off game.. I’ve had a lot of fun with it today! It’s cheered me up in my gloomy, sick day mood! It’s much more addictive than I thought, and I easily just wasted an hour on it! It also features real music from the soundtrack, so you really do feel like you’re Made in Chelsea.

Now I just have to wait 10 more hours before I can go on another date with Francis!

Also, 10 more days until series 6 starts! This game should tide me over.. I’m getting pretty excited already! The episode blogs will be back!

2 thoughts on “Made in Chelsea: The Game!

  1. […] The thing that I love most about Made in Chelsea is that it knows exactly what it is, and is perfectly happy to take the piss out of itself. You could see this best in the adverts that they ran for series five (the new Season 6 one features singing), and the traditional end of series party episodes hosted by Rick Edwards. The stars have also all been pretty open about the fact that a lot of what we see is made up or exaggerated for the TV, and I like that! Made in Chelsea has a sense of humour about itself. They even made a free game app, which is brilliant! […]

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