365 Days of Photos : Week 5 (30-36)

Seven more for your delight.

Day 30

I finally got around to mounting and framing my BSG print properly. I wish the people who make picture frames and mounts would agree with the people who make prints on some standard sizes! I had to cut the mount to the right size myself, which was nerve-racking. It looks ok up on the wall though, and I love this print so much!

Day 31

At work I had a massive collection of the Everyman Millenium Library classics dumped on me. They’re the type of classics nobody will borrow, some are so obscure I’ve never heard of them. So we’re displaying them on a high shelf for now. They look lovely without their horrible dust jackets on.

Day 32

I made a rather expensive impulse pissed-off-with-T-moblie purchase. I  got sick of trying to get them to unlock my phone, so I’ve cut my losses and bought a new unlocked one. I’ll sell me old locked one. I’ve never had a new, out the box iPhone before. It’s so shiny! I also have a plaster on my finger because it got too close to Millie’s teeth.

Day 33

While I’ve been watching Once Upon A Time I resumed my own epic mission.. to debobble this cardigan. It’s take a long, long time. But I did it in the end!

Day 34

My Mother has this old cookbook. It was published in 1972. I’m not sure I need say more. I’ve spent a long time taking in this image. Enjoy.

Day 35

#IggleBugs365 What is the point of this cupcake? It's too small to be good for anything. #cupcake #cake

A photo posted by Alice (@aliceisonline) on

Mum also bought this box of mini cupcakes. They’re stupidly small I’m not sure what the point is. You end up eating like four at a time and it’s still not satisfying.

Day 36

I spent the whole day watching Once Upon A Time! I absolutely LOVE Belle, and I am heavily invested in her and Rumpelstiltskin finding a Happily Ever After! Her wardrobe is also gorgeous and I want it all. Enchanted Forest and Storybrooke outfits! I wrote a thing about Once Upon A Time.

2 thoughts on “365 Days of Photos : Week 5 (30-36)

  1. I keep forgetting to do the Igglebug photos! :(
    I love old books. I collect them, I just go into Op-shops and get them! I have a few! A couple of years ago, during road-side rubbish pickup, my dad picked up 2 boxes of old books and in it there was Jane Eyre and Oscar Wilde and A SIGNED Hobbit! It’s my pride and joy and I found it on the side of the road!!!!! :)
    I started watching Once Upon a Time, but I’m useless at staying tuned to TV series. I’m currently watching Black Sails! :D

    1. I’ve got a good habit of taking them every day, although some days it is difficult!
      You FOUND a signed Hobbit?! WOW!

      I binged Once.. if I had to watch it weekly, I would probably have lost track because it did take a little bit of time to build up. I tried the first episode of Once Upon A Time In Wonderland yesterday.. it was extremely boring! I’m not sure at what point the world is willing to admit that Michael Socha can’t really act.. it’s painful. He’s the same in everything. I just googled Black Sails, sounds kind of interesting.

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