365 Days of Photos : Week 6 (37-43)

This week was HALF TERM BABY! (And now I’m sad that it’s over..)

Day 37

Here she is, growing fast! She’s worked out that if she pushes the door, and I forgot to lock it, she can get into my bed room and steal my slippers. What a fun game that is!

Day 38

As you know I’ve dived into True Detective this week, and started reading The King In Yellow to get my geek on catching the references. It’s pretty good! I loved this bit.

Day 39

A nice day sitting in a cafe reading and drinking this delicious hot chocolate (which I tasted before thinking to take a picture of it, not sure that if that is the correct way to Instagram beverages!). I was enjoyable to read in that setting, I sort of wish I had a cafe within walking distance of my house.. but I guess it would be an expensive as a habit! We went to see The Lego Movie after this too.

Day 40

First letter from my newest pen pal, she sent me this super awesome little bookmark. I have a weakness for retro robots, I don’t know how she knew! Ha.

Day 41

#IggleBugs365 we saw this #rainbow today 🌈 and for once I snapped a photo!

A photo posted by Alice (@aliceisonline) on

We saw this rainbow, which was more impressive in real life. My Mum insisted on stopping the car to take a picture of it (people thought we’d broken down).

Day 42

I am committed to growing out my fringe. It has now reached the length where I have to sweep it over into a side fringe to be able to see. It’s behaved relatively well so far. It’s good to have a change after six years of the same hair!

Day 43

I just spent three hours and two fingernails mounting and hanging this bad boy. It does look pretty cool! Another ace present, I love it because it is geeky but without being too cheesy about it. I think it’s pretty tasteful. Plus the Van Gogh episode is one of my favourite ever of Doctor Who.

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