Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Season 1, Episode 22 – The Beginning of the End)

It’s been a long, long slog but at last we are at the first season finale of Agents of SHIELD! Team Coulson take down Garrett with a little help from Nick Fury. Question is, was it all worth it in the end?

So we finally get inside of Cybertek, and their super soldier control centre where each has a solider has their own handler working due to the “incentives programme.” May, Coulson and Skye bust in, after Skye put her trojan horse programme in the barber shop lair computer. Breaking into Cybertek base they hijack the solider’s “default” setting to get to Garrett for a final show down.

Meanwhile, Garrett has gone full crazy after taking all the blue juice. He’s scrawling weird symbols on walls and talking about seeing the whole universe and people’s souls, and such. It’s all unbelievably annoying. This is freaking Ward out a little bit, and he’s feeling kind of lost since he built his whole life around trusting Garrett’s orders. Raina isn’t too troubled though, she is still more interested in the science of it all and getting to Skye. Ward’s not so bad after all is what a we are meant to think, he didn’t directly with this own two hands murder Fitzsimmons and he isn’t REALLY Hydra. He just loves Garrett because he has all those still unexplained family issues. When Garrett rips out the insides of a US Army General completely uncalled for he beings to questions his life choices.. Raina and Quinn make a bloody run for it after that too, taking the Gravitonium with them. Before she leaves Raina tells Ward again that they want the same thing.. Skye. She’s a part of this “evolution” and since she descended from “monsters” maybe she’ll be more attainable when she realises her true nature.

Fitz and Simmons find a way out of their watery coffin to be rescued (in a very happy stroke of luck that a) he was even scanning their abandoned SHIELD frequency and b) he was their with a helicopter at the very moment they surfaced in the middle of a vast ocean) by Nick Fury. Not before Fitz had a chance to confess his undying love for Simmons. I’m so disappointed that they decided to go this way. Why couldn’t we keep their sweet platonic relationship? I liked the fact that they were just friends! Plus Fitz is a sweetie (until he got annoying about the Ward stuff) and Simmons takes  the award for Most Annoying Character (she just pips Skye to the post). The episode left Fitz possibly brain damaged and unconscious, and who knows if Simmons reciprocates his feelings.

Nick Fury. 'nuff said.
Nick Fury. ’nuff said.

May finally got a chance to work out her angry feelings on Ward. Nail-gun to the foot, fractured larynx, roundhouse kick to the face. Nice. Fury arrived to help Coulson out with Garret, with a big massive badass gun thing. Of course it had to be Mike Peterson who finally took him out. Skye freed all the “incentive programme” hostages, including his son Ace, so Mike was free to do what he wanted. Luckily that was blowing Garrett up before heading out into the night to atone for his actions. Ward was arrested, although I’m sure where he was being taken with no more SHIELD prison. I guess he has a few things to chew over while he’s locked up. There was this really weird bit at the end where Garrett, apparently his body left unattended in the same room as the solder making machine which is inexplicable anyway, came back to life.. stuck the super soldier metal bits to himself and made a painful cheesy speech about always “cutting off the head” before the punch line… Coulson shot him with the plasma gun mid sentence. A set up for a really lame joke. It made me cringe a lot. They still need to sort out the issues with tone for the second season!

I’m really disappointed in how Garrett turned out. When he first arrived I thought he was cool, he was gruff and quippy and actually quite funny. Then as soon as we found out he was eviiiiilll he became far too arrogant and pantomime. It was a was cheesefest and it was irritating! The effect multiplied with each episode, and but this finale he was unbearable. They turned him into a raving lunatic. He was just a gibbering ridiculous mess, not a convincing bad guy really.. even his own followers were looking for a chance to jump ship at the first opportunity! I guess the maniac lunacy is comic book.. but as I’ve said a hundred times this show has a some real issues with picking a tone and sticking to it! We go full comic-book silliness or we try to keep a food somewhere in a recognisable reality. We don’t swing between the two willy-nilly.

Fury and Coulson sort of had a conversation about T.A.H.I.T.I.  where Fury said Coulson is one of the Avengers, which nearly made him cry. Before he left to go back to being dead, Fury put Coulson in charge of rebuilding SHIELD and have him a little silver cube, a “toolbox.” Is that all the intel stuff, or something cooler? They got a new secret base, with another Agent Koenig. Billy this time. Are they brothers? Or some kind of clone? They seemed to have the same personality, and he said all the same things! Is there an Agent Koenig in every secret base? That would be sweet. Also, if they have a secret base might we spend a little less time on that stupid bloody plane?

Also, is Victoria Hand actually dead? I really don’t want her to be dead!

The bloody hand of Skye's "parent?"
The bloody hand of Skye’s “parent?”

Right at the end Raina went to visit somebody who seemed to have weird bloody dripping skin. This “person” is apparently on of Skye’s parents. Creepy. And after the credits we saw Coulson carving the same weird symbol map on the wall as Garrett was doing. I’m still not sure I’m sufficiently interested to get back on board for season two though.

Coulson drawing stuff on walls? Meh.
Coulson drawing stuff on walls? Meh.

This episode definitely benefitted from the presence of Samuel L Jackson, who actually had far more of a role than I expected! The man is a tornado of charisma anyway, and he has undeniable chemistry with Clarke Gregg. Such a shame that he won’t be sticking around, the same for Agent Hill the other week. As season finales go it was OK I guess. I’m just relieved it is all over, and I did make it right to the end! To say it’s been an uneven first season is an understatement, and I can only think of two episodes that I genuinely enjoyed (Easily my favourite was Yes Men, and Nothing Personal was a fun ride too)  .. both of those significantly elevated thanks to brilliant guest appearances! I still don’t see how episodes of boring stories chasing random weapons actually paid off in seeing May use a beserker staff for twenty seconds, or occasional appearance of the blue plasma gun thing.

I think for me the worst thing about this show is what it has done to Coulson. In the movies I loved him, he was awesome and he was fun and I cried when he was killed! Now.. Now I kind of hate him a little bit. He’s such a pussy! He’s meant to be a super badass Agent with a sassy attitude, but all he has done is a bitch, and moan like a baby about secrets and his bloody emotions, and make stupid decisions that make no sense (the biggest one being bringing Skye on board!). His big heart felt emotional speeches are so lame! Be cool man! In fact the only main characters that I like are May and Triplett. Who also happen to be the only convincingly competent agents! I’m guessing Triplett will still be on board for season two, which I am glad for (if I decide watch it), avoiding a romance with Simmons would be a very good thing.

In the end I’m not sure how I feel. I don’t think it was worth the ride.. And I’m not sure it is capable of getting any better, no matter how much I wish and pray that it will be. Whether I decide to watch it or not I don’t know if I’ll commit to Season 2 episode blogs. I guess it depends if anything else is on TV!

Let me know what you think!

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